Family Role in Settling Inheritance Feuds among Heirs

  • Aman Ullah The Agriculture University, Peshawar
  • Intikhab Alam The Agriculture University, Peshawar
  • Mussawar Shah The Agriculture University, Peshawar
  • Saima Sarir The Agriculture University, Peshawar
Keywords: family, inheritance, feud settlement


The current study deals with role of family with relation to feud settlement at family level. A sample size of 182 respondents was randomly selected of those respondents who had at least 10 acres of land. Frequency distribution of data was observed to have a comprehensive data layout. Moreover, Chi square (χ2) statistics was used to determine the level of association between dependent variable (Feud Settlement) with the independent variables (Role of Family)., The study depicted that family play an important role in division of property among the heirs with laid down propositions among the male and female and thus consider the transformation of inheritance and property obligatory to avoid feuds at family level but while the elder brother within the family had more rights in the division of property as compare to other members by virtue of occupying the place of leadership in terms of age while supposedly replacing the father. Moreover, incapability on part of the male gender regarding divisions of property in inheritance usually crops up in shape of tussles and feuds among the real heirs that in turn has brought instability to the family as an institution. In addition, such distributions of property is only practiced by the concerned family members with sole discretion on part of legal heirs only. As well as prohibiting all the discrimination, especially in respect of inherited property mainly on the basis of age, gender and custom could lead to the mitigation of inheritance related feuds at family level.