Emotional Climate, Work Stress and Occupational Cognitive Failure in Doctors

  • Shaukat Hussain Government Postgraduate College, Jhang
  • Iram Batool Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
  • Sheher Bano Government Postgraduate College, Jhang
  • Hina Ali Women University Multan
Keywords: emotional climate, work stress, occupational cognitive failure


The current study was conducted to explore emotional climate, work stress and occupational cognitive failure among doctors. The sample of 150 doctors was selected from two cities i.e. Jhang and Faisalabad. Emotional climate was measured by Emotional climate scale by Yurtsever& De Rivera (2010), for work stress, Work Place Stress Scale by American institute of stress and adapted by Fatima Chohan (2013) was used. Occupational Cognitive Failure was measured by occupational cognitive failure questionnaire by Allahyari, Rangi, Khosravi and Zayeri (2011). The data was analyzed by administering t-test, correlation and regression analysis. Results revealed that Emotional climate, work stress and cognitive failure are significantly positively correlated. No significant difference between male and female, rural and urban, government and private doctors on the level of emotional climate, work stress and occupational cognitive failure was found. Significant difference between nuclear and joint family doctors on the level of work stress was found. Doctors from nuclear family system showed higher level of work stress as compared to Joint family doctors. Emotional climate, work stress and demographic variables are predictors which collectively and significantly contributed to occupational cognitive failure.